About us

@ Looks OK our team of experienced designer/developers have been building cutting edge websites and since 2003.

We have decades of combined experience in web development we produce work that stands out from the crowd.

Reasons to work with Looks OK: 

  1. Unique designs - we build our website to match your design as opposed to finding a design from a library that matches your band.
  2. We integrate rich media - we can add video and interactive elements to enhance user experience.
  3. We have in-house SEO - we can work with you to improve your search engine rankings, we offer different levels of support depending on your needs. 
  4. We build native Apps for iOS and Android - we use Adobe Air and Unity this approach enables us to work more efficiently across different platforms. 
  5. We can add bespoke videos to your website, we film showrooms, production sites, offices and much more.
  6. Photography is often overlooked and many websites share the same stock images, we try and keep things original where possible, when we use stock images we stylise them to match the design.